Defeat of the Governors in the tournament pee-wee de Québec

Défaite des Gouverneurs au tournoi pee-wee de Québec

The Governors of Massey-Vanier lost 3-1 in the face of the Commanders of the Collège de Lévis, Thursday afternoon in the Centre Videotron, school division of the 60th Tournament international de hockey pee-wee de Québec.

The Governors, who are evolving to the level benjamin in the réseau du sport étudiant du Québec, seemed to be distracted by ” all that there is around “, in the words of coach Patrick Bergeron, in the context of an event as important as the tournament of the Old Capital.

“Young people have clearly lacked concentration in their preparation, explained Bergeron. I think the magnitude of the event, was surprised. “

Louis-Carl Tremblay was the only marker of the Governors, who were the first to register the score.

The Governors, winners of the tournament of Waterloo, will compete in their next match on Monday against the Coyotes of the école secondaire Saint-Gabriel to Sainte-Thérèse. They must win if they want to continue their way to Quebec.

The Gunners BB Bedford-Cowansville-Farnham also represent the region at the Tournament pee-wee de Québec. But in the face of the Lords of Lotbinière, in international class BB, the skaters of Brome-Missisquoi have suffered a severe correction, 8-0, on Wednesday.

The Gunners will be back in action on Sunday, this time in the face of the Piers of the Mauricie-Is. They also need to win to continue.

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