July 4, 2022
Deleted tweets reinforce rumors of abandonment

Deleted tweets reinforce rumors of abandonment

abandoned, a mysterious game from developer Blue Box Studios, may have been canceled. The rumors surfaced after Twitter users identified a series of deleted posts on the title’s official profile, suggesting a silent end to the survival horror production.

The abandonment rumors reinforce many of the disclosure inconsistencies that have been reported in recent months. Expected to have news in the first half of this year, deserted caused a backlash from fans, such as The studio has become a target for hackers It announced indefinite postponements.

Now, news is that the title has been scrapped. This is because the famous modr Lance MacDonald She identified several tweets being deleted, including a reference to a possible demo planned for the PlayStation 5.

Since then, Blue Box Game Studios have deleted most of the tweets that described specific future plans for their game as “abandoned”. Three months ago they said there would be a playable demo ‘soon’ and they also tweeted a lie about why the trailer app is 6GB because it actually has a lot of footage, but it only needs a small patch to fix it. Problem. Several months later, all of these tweets were deleted. I don’t think this game ever existed.

The last message was posted on .’s profile blue square The date is January 30th. Since then, nothing has been said about his projects.

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Announced in April 2021 as an FPS for PS5A deserted game has been revealed as a promising open-world horror game. With a strong appeal to psychology and conceived in a supernatural world, the title has been compared to the silent Hill Many people think that game designer Hideo Kojima was behind the project. know more click here!