February 6, 2023
Demand for Smart Spraying is driving Perfect Flight's expansion into the US and Canada

Demand for Smart Spraying is driving Perfect Flight’s expansion into the US and Canada

The Perfect flight, agtech for the management and intelligence of spraying agricultural inputs, seeks to replicate the good results achieved in Brazil abroad. Abroad too, the company intends to apply the same ESG policy: Rational use of inputs, conservation of native areas and springs.

“Producers have the same pain in charging for the responsible use of pesticides,” says operations director Leonardo Luvesutti. By 2023, the startup should start operating in the US and Canada, where it wants to reach 1 million hectares of grain and cotton crops per year. A pilot project in Australia is also planned. Here, it plans to close a quarter of its cultivated area, equivalent to 20 million hectares, in the 2022/23 harvest, compared to 16 million in 2021/22.

About 20% of the area covered by Octal at harvest is achieved by drone spraying. “There is a strong drive here from Chinese and European companies.” With biodefense giant Kopert alone to serve up to 3 million hectares. It plans to earn R$ 12 million in the harvest.

Radar investment circuit

To support its expansion, Perfect Flight structured a new international venture. It is expected to raise BRL 10 million in the first half of 2023. Luvezuti says the startup has not ruled out verticalizing the operation amid interest from input giants and drone companies for Octecs.

Proper flight monitors the use of pesticides on crops

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Manager Full investments He ended up raising R$ 300 million Credit Rights Investment Fund (FIDC) By FS, a Brazilian producer of corn ethanol. Over the past three years, Integral has doubled the value of FIDCs under its management, surpassing R$10 billion. The activity with FS is the first of the fund aimed at expanding the company’s supply chain. oh It is BBA He was the lead coordinator of the issue.

AgroTools and four other technology companies will help Getlio Vargas Foundation To create a carbon calculator. The consortium championed the “Low Carbon Livestock” initiative BNDES From this Ministry of Agriculture🇧🇷 This instrument measures the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere from the use of inputs in production to industrial processing. The research is expected to last 18 months, and the amount of government investment in the project is still under negotiation.

A study of 675 companies producing or consuming soy and derivatives, coffee and beef, among other Brazilian products at risk of deforestation, indicated that only 76% had a detectable structure. “Most have significant gaps in the traceability chain, which is fundamental to assessing and managing the risk of deforestation and change,” says CDP, a non-profit organization that helps companies measure environmental impact and use a questionnaire.

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The Brazilian Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock (CNA) It is closely monitoring the EU’s decision to ban agricultural products from deforested areas from entering the EU. Sueme Mori, director of international relations, is awaiting the project’s final text to read the company’s position. Bruno Lucci, technical director, says CNA is considering calling the World Trade Organization if the move moves forward with a protectionist content.

Francisco Maturo, the current Secretary of Agriculture of São Paulo and businessman in the sector, and Frederico d’Ávila (PL-SP), State Deputy and Producer, share the desire of the rural population of the state to command the portfolio from January. Elected governor Darcisio de Freitas (Republicans) read another name: Roberto Perosa, current executive director and CEO of the Organization of Sugarcane Producers’ Associations in Brazil (Orplana). A source in the department said he has been consulted and will scrutinize the invitation.

Increased appetite for chile walnuts and almonds

The Brazilian market is a growing destination for Chilean walnuts and almonds. Data from ProChile Brazil shows sales to Brazil totaled US$18 million from January to October. In almonds, there was an advance of 25% and in walnuts, 3.5%. “The proximity between the countries contributes to this,” says Hugo Corales, director of ProChile.

The name of the future minister is expected this week

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Members of the manufacturing sector and the government transition committee hope to elect the president Lula (PT) Decide the future owner of the Ministry of Agriculture this week. During his first term, he was appointed to the portfolio of then Minister Roberto Rodríguez on December 13, 2002. At least five names are being evaluated by the prospective government.