Demi Lovato “good mood” since she left her rehab !

Demi Lovato « de bonne humeur » depuis qu’elle a quitté sa cure de désintoxication !

A few days ago, Demi Lovato is out of rehab. The american singer would be much better !

Last July, Demi Lovato has frightened the whole world by a drug overdose. The woman had dove back into drugs and alcohol and she had had to do a detox.

Demi Lovato : She is finally back in Los Angeles !

On the 24th of July last, Demi Lovato was at a party when she overdosed. The woman had reminded her dealer in order to be able to take the drug. Nevertheless, the drugs she took were very dangerous and she quickly had an overdose. The singer had to be lead to the hospital and since then, it almost gives more of new.

After his overdose, Demi Lovato has moved on for a few weeks in Chicago. The woman wanted to get away from Los Angeles and reunite with his family. She also took the opportunity to do a detox. According to his relatives, the starlet would have taken this course very seriously since it would be over 90 days that she has not touched drugs or alcohol. Moreover, evidence that she is better because she is back in Los Angeles since yesterday !

Demi Lovato : She is doing well and heals properly !

Demi Lovato was afraid of not being back home for the election of the mid-term in the United States. However, yesterday, she was very proud to be able to make it to the town hall to vote. The woman has even shared a photo of herself on Instagram and it had been months that she had nothing to post. Then, the paparazzi have also taken her photo and she was all smiles !

“Half seems to be going well. She seems well and she is in such a good mood. She even seems happy to be output, and it focuses on her recovery. She goes to meetings and she receives treatment. His number 1 objective appears to be his health. “ Said one source in the media People.

Demi Lovato « de bonne humeur » depuis qu’elle a quitté sa cure de désintoxication !

Demi Lovato has been fighting since several years against his addiction. The last time, the woman had to follow a cure for his addiction to alcohol. Besides, she had even written a song to tell his fans that she was getting better : “Sober “. The latter therefore hoped that this time his fight will work really…


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