September 28, 2022
Demi Lovato returns to rock on Holy Fvck with lyrics about overdose and deceased friends;  g1 heard |  Rock in Rio 2022

Demi Lovato returns to rock on Holy Fvck with lyrics about overdose and deceased friends; g1 heard | Rock in Rio 2022

In the past five years, Demi Lovato Reggaeton sang with Luis Fonsi (“Échame la Culpa”), ventured into slick electronic music with DJ Marshmello (“OK Not to Be OK”) and showed off his R&B side alongside Ariana Grande (“I Met Him Last Night”). On her eighth album, Demetriya was all about rock music.

“Holy Fvck,” released on Friday, is reminiscent of good pop-rock hits Disney from the start of his career, which he heard on his debut album “Don’t Forget.” It also matches the comeback of pop punk, an emo that was very successful in the 2000s and showed its power in recent months with Songs by Olivia Rodrigo, Anita and Miley Cyrus.

When asked about her all-time favorite singer, Demi usually answers Paramore’s lead singer Hayley Williams. This passion for heavy rock, but not so much, with its loud chorus and confessional lyrics, is wide open on “Holy Fvck”, the best and most coherent album of his career to date.

The eighth disc of the American singer contains only two stories, the last two songs. “Feed” is almost a folk song, with a powerful chorus and arrangement that would make Avril Lavigne fans shiver. Slower, “4 Ever 4 Me” highlights the guitar and is the most romantic moment.

Demi Lovato in 2009 and 2022 – Photo: Disclosure

The other 14 songs are much heavier, led by guitar, bass, and galloping drums. There are several lines of long vowels, “ôôô’s” and “aaa” that are ideal for festivals such as rock in rioIt performed in September.. Appearances from new rock names (pop-punk singer Yungblud, hard rock from Dead Sara and indie from Royal & the Serpent).

Released as a single on Friday, the day before the singer turned 30, the album “29” contains sad music and trap music arrangement. It also has a killer lyric about turning three decades old. The singer talks about a relationship she had with someone when she was 17 and he was 29:

“Far from innocence / What the hell is this consent? / The numbers asked you not to act / But that didn’t stop you.”

“Happy Ending” has lines like “I’m sober and everyone is proud, but I miss my addiction.” Demi sings that she’s doing everything she can to have a happy ending, after she overdosed in 2018 and has spoken openly (in lyrics and interviews) about alcohol and drug addiction.

Demi Lovato’s “Holy Fvck” album cover – Photo: Disclosure

According to Demi, the album’s most influential song is “Dead Friends,” an emotional pop-rock music that starts out quieter and builds up. She lists the things she does on an ordinary day in her life, which deceased friends no longer do.

Demi says she danced with the devil and got to hell, but unlike her friends who died, she is still alive.

Live and do what you love most: pop rock sung by someone who doesn’t seem to fit the budget. Demi might be singing about age, abuse, or where you live (Los Angeles, in “City of Angels”) and the feeling is the same: Is it out of place?

“Am I the only one looking for substance?” She asks, about “Substance,” one of the best songs on the album. Demi is looking for what is necessary for her, what will give her strength to continue singing. He found it in pop punk music and lyrics that he didn’t think twice before talking about all the bad things he’d been through.