Denis Lamontagne will lead the Warriors

Denis Lamontagne dirigera les Guerriers

The Warriors will have a new boss in the shelter the next season. In Denis Lamontagne, the baseball team, junior elite of Granby gives his players the manager, the more credible his story.

So credible, in fact, that Yannick Parent, who led the Warriors last season, has accepted without problem to give up her seat to Lamontagne and become his deputy. It will be recalled that Lamontagne, a former star pitcher for the Beaver Acton Vale, has joined the team a year ago as the director of baseball operations.

“We made a big step forward, launched by the director-general Mathieux Rochefort in announcing the news to The Voice of the East. A year ago, when we was looking for Denis, it is on the field that we wanted. But for family reasons, he had to refuse our offer. This year, it will have much more time to devote to the team, and we’re very, very happy.”

The main concerned seemed to be very excited when he spoke with the author of these lines.

“I inherited a team that had very good years in front of it, said Lamontagne. We are in full progress and I believe that we will be at our best in 2020 and 2021. I love what you are doing at Granby.”

Lamontagne, who led at the college level in recent years and which was also briefly director-general of the Ducs de Longueuil, has mounted his credibility with the Beavers, of which he has been involved in the foundation. He was elected to the hall of fame baseball League major Quebec in 2017.

“What I want is that we be a better team and a better organization for the next season. And for that, we need everyone putting their shoulder to the wheel. The manager, the players, the attendant sticks, the person that made the hot dogs, absolutely everyone!”

Lamontagne claims that he has never thought a second to depart Yannick Parent of the landscape.

“Yannick is a good person, a good man for baseball and he has done a good job as a general manager. In my opinion, it is clearly an asset to the organization. It was discussed and I know it will make a good team. All that he lacks, it may be a little bit of experienced baseball. He will continue his apprenticeship at my sides and it will be even better in a few years.”

The return of Martin Jacques, Deibis Gomez and jimmy Beaudoin, who worked with a Parent in the shelter, have not yet been confirmed. And it is likely to be changes in this side.

Beautiful potential

If he believes that the best years of the Warriors will be in 2020 and 2021, Denis Lamontagne is of the opinion that the team has a “great potential” when he is thinking of the next season.

“We will have four players of 22 years, which is already a good basis. And there’s good players everywhere. However, I know that there is a lack of depth on the mound. But we will not be villains, I’m convinced of it.”

The Warriors have only lost a single player due to the age limit at the end of the last season, or the pitcher Alexander Brunelle. We’re talking about a team that finally seems to have a foundation of interesting.

The Warriors have just put the hand on Felix-Antoine Chenier-Rondeau Bison in Saint-Eustache in return of choice to the draft. The outfielder, who plays in the United States this winter, has done well with the training of less than 18 years of the baseball Academy of Canada last season. Mathieux Rochefort speaks of a future player of impact.

“There is another reason why we can see the future with optimism Granby”, stressed Denis Lamontagne, who is not is clearly lacking enthusiasm.

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