March 23, 2023
Deolane and Pétala challenge the production and threaten to break the rule TV news

Deolane and Pétala challenge the production and threaten to break the rule TV news

Diolane Bezerra and Pétala Barreiros defied the production farm 14 They threatened to break one of the main rules of the program if they did not reach the final. People promised that, if they left, they would return with outside information at the farewell party that brings together the entire cast.

“If I’m not in the final and come to the party, I’ll want to come here and tell you everything, I’ll be upset [bronca] 24 hours,” the lawyer warned. Me too. Everyone will speak. The businesswoman agreed to all the information if things went wrong.”

The two were hanging out with Muranguinho’s Elaine Cardoso, and the perfect final match would be with the three of them and Pia Miranda.

According to the rules, participants are prohibited from giving outside information to those in detention when they return to the party, even if the final has already been decided.

In the latest edition, Liziane Gutierrez broke the rule by telling Dinho Alves and Stefan Matos, who had just been eliminated, that they were single. The model even threw a drink at the other participants and They are kicked out of the party Even before the show starts on Playplus.

The couple didn’t go through a decompression booth specifically so as not to find out about the end of their relationships; It wasn’t the production’s decision to spoil the fraternization atmosphere, but it didn’t work out.

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