November 29, 2022
Deolane files charges against Thomaz, cuts recordings of the scene TV News

Deolane files charges against Thomaz, cuts recordings of the scene TV News

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Dylan Bezira Thomaz Costa accused of inventing parking in farm 14. Monday evening (17), the lawyer commented on a An unsettling moment about the actor She accused him of “playing with suicide”. The actor’s speech caused the cutscene to be recorded instantly.

Commented by MC Kevin’s widow (1998-2021) during a conversation between her and her gaming allies.

“I don’t even like arguing with them. They just make things up,” assessed the blonde. “Actually, they’re also tired of arguing,” Elaine Cardoso told Strawberry Shortcake. Then Vinicius Patel added:

I still think someone created a little awareness and said, “Are we going the right way?” I was doing X-Tudo and listening to Thomas He mumbles in front of the bathroom mirror that people don’t care about him. Then Shay said, “You should have known better,” he spoke of yesterday’s business. Then Thomas said: Do you think I did not think? Do you think I wanted to do that?

“He’s playing with suicide, people want to take care of him?” Duolin was released in the sequence. After the woman’s speech, the camera was cut off due to the production of the program.

This was not the lawyer’s first comment on this matter. And she had said the night before: “Whoever wants to kill himself, kills himself,” referring to Tomaz’s imprisonment crisis.

What happened to Thomas?

after, after Thomaz Costa raises concern among PlayPlus viewers Sunday night (16), the clearest record to the audience farm 14 What happened to the actor?

According to the network, the former Carousel “felt bad because of the emotional stress”. After the medical team attended him, his condition improved. According to the company, “other comments made by other participants were pure speculation.”

In the mentioned incident, the previous Ilha Record took a higher amount of medication than stated. Deborah Albuquerque and Rovinia de Martí prevented him from taking more medication, and Pele Melfloz brought the card back into production – all this was recorded on video, but the posts were removed from social media.

In front of the event, the show’s production cut PlayPlus’ live broadcast by more than an hour. When the pictures came back, the actor was already in clothes to go to the bay. On Monday morning (17), the ex-Carousel naturally treated the animals.

Before that, Thomaz got into an argument with Deolane Bezerra and called her a coward. Since switching groups, Costa has received threats from the lawyer and insults from all the other members of the opposing team.

In view of this, the actor told his colleagues that he wanted to go to the countryside, and if he returned, he would intentionally hurt himself physically.

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