December 2, 2022
Deolane spoke in Thomaz's ear after the farm

Deolane spoke in Thomaz’s ear after the farm

During the broadcast of Wednesday’s version, in “farm 2022″ (RecordTV), excerpt from Roca formation 4th edition, which was held on Tuesday. That’s when Adriane Galisteu came to explain the moment Dylan Bezera speak in ear Thomas Costa.

The presenter explained that the amount of “piiiiii” [som usado para ocultar falas] It was used so that “severe” profanity would not be displayed during the program: “What she said was too heavy, to put it here,” he said.

what happened?

Tomas tells Tate and Alex that he was threatened by Deolane after Fourth formation Farm. Despite the accusation, the actor did not go into details about what happened to the attorney.

Soon after the live program ended, PlayPlus (flow from RecordTV) showed Deolane whispering in Thomaz’s ear. At dawn, the blonde confessed to her friends what she told the former “Carousel” (SBT): “You are a comedian… On the street we talk. We meet each other on the streets of Tatuabi.”

“He was still threatening me,” Tomaz said in a conversation with his new allies, “and would like to put a brother in the middle. For God’s sake.”

“Brother?” Alex asked. “Nothing, leave him alone,” replied the actor, trying to change the subject.

“I am not the son of a frightened father, no,” Tomaz provoked.

Tate commented, “Let these people go, the more they talk, the more they show themselves. It doesn’t matter how much they point their fingers at us. God is just.”

After the singer’s speech, the ambient sound was cut off by the PlayPlus camera.

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