February 8, 2023

Deolane throws a party for the fans and gets over A Fazenda’s disapproval; See photos · TV news

After being rejected in farm 14from Record, and quit after Barbara Borges won by a mock disqualification in reality, Dulan Bezerra He was trying to turn the tables. She paid out of her own pocket, on Wednesday (21), a fan meeting in the Western District of São Paulo. There, she took pictures that were praised by her fans.

MC Kevin’s widow (1997-2021) was friendly and took pictures with several people who decided to go there. There were about 1,000 people. In addition to Deolane herself, her mother, Solange Bezerra, and two lawyer sisters, Danielle and Diana Bezerra, who are already navigating their sister’s success, also took part in the celebration.

Other celebrities include actor Lucas Santos, better known as Zeratuba. The former Carrossel befriends Deolane within Record’s reality. To liven up the setting, MC Mirella, another friend of “Doctor”, sang her songs. You are expected to enter the party in the early hours of the morning.

Recently, as a way to change her image as well, Deolane decided to leave her version of farm 14 In the past it has undergone a change in appearance. Two weeks after leaving the Record reality show, the digital influencer changed her hair and has even been compared to Virginia Fonseca’s on social media.

The suspicion of netizens was whether the lawyer’s “modification” was just a new hair, or if she underwent a new face format or even misused filters to modify the photo.

in changeMC Kevin’s widow changed her voluminous hair, adopting shorter locks and opting for a fringe. The new haircut is very similar to the one that Zé Felipe’s wife recently adopted. About a week ago, the mother of Maria Alice and Maria Flor also shared the new look on her social networks.

See photos from the meeting:

Fans cry when they see Deolane this Wednesday (21)


Deolane poses with fans in Sao Paulo

Grab a fan

A fan grabbed a former worker during a party on Wednesday (21)