March 26, 2023

Department store is closing down after 55 years in business

After more than 5 decades of activities, the department store closes its doors on Tuesday (31). Understand!

Due to the redevelopment project, one of the largest department stores in Tokyo, which is located in the Shibuya district, is closed.

On Tuesday (31), the Tokyu Department Store Company, which has been operating there since 1967, has permanently ended operations. Space will give way to a daring new adventure.

Customers say goodbye to a big department store in Tokyo

The Tokyu Department Store Company in Shibuya has been part of the history of the locals. Both the store and the adjacent Bunkamura Cultural Complex have been recognized as Tokyo’s center for culture, high technology, and fashion.

Due to the emotional connection between local residents, residents and customers, the last day of the shop’s activities was marked by the visit of people who said goodbye to a part of the Shibuya district’s history. The institution had lavish collections that were a success among the people of the area.

One of the old customers of the shop, who witnessed the opening of the establishment and went to the place to thank the memories built in the place, said that she used to go to this point with her friends in her school days.

At 7 pm local time, the store doors closed for the last time. The farewell was marked by an action by the establishment’s employees, who formed a line at the store’s entrance to thank Tokyu Department Store Company’s customers.

The address will give way to a 36-storey building

The address of the old department store that has ended operations makes way for a grandiose project. It is a 36-storey complex that will be built on the site and will house various developments, such as shops, apartments, and even a hotel.

The site structure will consist of four underground floors. The works are expected to be completed during 2027.

Photo: Jorge Aguado Martin /