July 14, 2024

Departure from Afghanistan: Biden wants US to stop being ‘global police’ and become ‘friendly leader’ | The world

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Departure from Afghanistan: Biden wants US to stop being 'global police' and become 'friendly leader' |  The world
Departure from Afghanistan: Biden wants US to stop being 'global police' and become 'friendly leader' |  The world

The United States withdrew from Afghanistan May be a sign of United States They do not want to be the same as before. In addition to the shock of leaving in a hurry Obscene, President of the United States, Joe Biden, Now speaks of a broader movement: to stop using its vast military resources to impose American order and values ​​across the planet.

This decision about Afghanistan is not just about Afghanistan“It’s historically significant for many,” Biden said in a speech Thursday (2). It marks the end of an era of major military action to rebuild other countries, “he said. “Human rights will be at the heart of our foreign policy, but the path to this is not endless displacement.” Added. “Our strategy needs to change,” he stressed.

Benjamin Hattat, Director of the Atlantic Council, Institute for International Relations “One of the most outright denials of liberal internationalism by any American president in decades.” For some Americans who want to see their country as a single, invincible superpower, this announcement may come as a shock. However, according to most polls, Biden’s method will be popular.

Where Trump and Pitts agree

From the point of view of public knowledge, the President Biden is in direct opposition to his predecessor, the Republican government of Donald Trump. It is true that many things have changed since Biden took office on January 20 this year: from decorating the White House to the US-Paris climate deal. But Abandoning “endless military adventures” – his critics referring to the US role as the “global policeman” – is something Trump has already argued.

In relation to Afghanistan, The Polls show strong support for the withdrawal of troops (77%, according to a poll by the Washington Post with ABC News), Biden has been heavily criticized for his confusing retreat.

Nonetheless, Biden differs from Trump’s isolation in his desire to seek an alliance. The United States does not boast of being the “police of the world,” according to Biden’s theory, but rather that it could be a friendly leader.. His government brought Washington back to the brink of brutal negotiations between major allies such as the nuclear program, the climate deal and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and Iran.

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