January 27, 2023
Desert dust cloud dissipates before it reaches Amapá, meteorologist explains - SelesNafes.com

Desert dust cloud dissipates before it reaches Amapá, meteorologist explains – SelesNafes.com

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Every year, a cloud of dust crosses the Atlantic wave coming from the Sahara, on the African continent, and for the most part dissipates off the coast of Brazil.

According to meteorologist Jefferson Vilhena of the Institute of Studies and Research in Amapá (Iba), the climatic event does not affect human life on this side of the planet and, in most cases, is imperceptible.

Forecasts indicate that the cloud will reach the Brazilian coast and reach states in the northeastern and northern regions, and may reach Amapa this weekend.

Since the beginning of the week, news has been circulating online that two North American satellites (SNNP and NOAA-20), which are detecting images of aerosols, have recorded dust particles navigating through Earth’s atmosphere under the Atlantic Ocean near the coast. On the sixth of March.

According to a meteorologist, the event occurs because the Saharan Storm occurs year-round. He explained that dust particles are suspended in the atmosphere and carried by wind currents to the Atlantic Ocean.

US satellite image shows a spectrum of dust storm fragments

“The sand rises and catches currents with high levels of wind. It stays there like water droplets. Water droplets rotate like this and also these sand particles float until they reach weight and fall. Sometimes they start falling into the ocean and if they stay in suspension for a long time. They can get to America, but it happens all year round. It’s a normal thing,” explained Vilhena.

For him, there is no need to worry because it is a natural occurrence. According to him, many people use the information to annoy the population and create fake news – these are the individuals he calls “climate terrorists”.

“Since this happens all year round, there is no need to worry. Reassure him that further climate terrorism will not affect our lives at all.