February 6, 2023

Devastated bride after wedding dream turns into nightmare

Have you ever thought how sad it is to organize wedding From dreams, and on the day of the party, find out that most of the invitees have given up on attending the party? If so! Someone has this bad luck. The bride is devastated when she learns her wedding guests have backed out. You understand.

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When deciding to hold her wedding, the bride needs to think about everything. So she takes care of all the details. That is, it handles decorations, invitations, people list, and other things. What you don’t expect is to be lucky enough to invite the wrong people. Those who couldn’t care less about being there on their big day.

The guests ignore the wedding invitation

To this woman’s grief, not many people showed up ceremony Special. Of the 70 carefully selected guests, only 30 attended. Worst of all, the others confirmed their presence, but didn’t even bother to be at the party. She was so devastated that she did not enjoy the party very much and spent days in great grief.

She said she couldn’t get over the disappointment of seeing so few people on the most special day of her life. Friends and family have dropped the ball. The bride added that the guests, who did not come a day, “talked about how excited they were, who they would attend and what they were wearing.”

Explosion posted on reddit.

She couldn’t find a better word to sum up the feeling of not caring. I still feel humiliated and upset. I tried so hard not to cry after being so stressed about making everything perfect.”

To make matters worse, the guests didn’t even call to explain the reason for their absence. In the social networksPeople supported the woman and agreed that she felt sad about the lack of consideration.

Someone said, “I’m sorry, I can’t imagine how painful this must be. I know people don’t always show up for weddings, but I just can’t understand that. Even if you’ve never planned a wedding, you definitely should.” Know its size.Just give away one It happened Expensive like this? I hope you felt the love from the people who were there.”

Photo: antoniodiaz/Shutterstock