November 28, 2022
devs show games in production to support Rockstar

devs show games in production to support Rockstar

content from GTA 6 what or what Rise early online He’s been part of the community to lash out at Rockstar Games. The released work is a setup from the start of production, and the graphics obviously don’t match current hardware because they’re not polished. However, not everyone understood it that way.

To prove the normality of these development stages, several studios and programmers have supported Rockstar by demonstrating what these great games will look like before they are released. He is highly praised for his drawings, control Highlighted on Twitter by Paul Ehreth, lead game designer:

Since graphics are the first thing to finish in a game, and Control has won many awards for excellence in graphics, here are screenshots from early development.

Another designer to express his support for Rockstar was Robert Morrison, an animator at Bend Studio who worked on it God of War. Check out what Kratos and Atreus look like in Game of the Year 2018:

The games in development are not like the final product.

To defend GTA 6 from cash, even developers Unknown And the Pregnancy worship Early stage games joint records. a look:

What is art for a game in development.

“Graphics are the first thing to be finished in a video game”

See what early versions of the pregnancy cult looked like.

Everything we know about the production of GTA 6 so far

Not everything that has been released about GTA 6 is necessarily a rumor. Rockstar has already confirmed some information before the gameplay appears early on the networks. Check out the compilation with everything we already know click here!