March 26, 2023

Did Warren Buffett send a message to Americana owners?

It’s traditional. American Warren Buffett, the most successful investor in the world, writes a letter to investors in his company Berkshire Hathaway every year. Since he is one of the richest men in the world and made his fortune in the stock market, every investor – and even those who are just interested in the subject – are waiting and paying attention to the words he writes. In 2023, Buffett was direct, barbs, right at the beginning of the letter, highlighting his intolerant behavior with unethical officials, number manipulation and fraud. According to Buffett, aggressive creative accounting practices are “disgusting” and “a disgrace to capitalism.” He wrote, “We understand business mistakes, but our tolerance for personal misconduct is zero.”

Warren Buffett didn’t name the companies or CEOs, but since Saturday night, when the annual letter was released, the market has raised just one question: Buffett sent a letter to the owners of The AmericansAnd the Brazilians Jorge Paulo Lehmann, Carlos Alberto Secubira and Marcel Telles, the trio of majority shareholders whose image has been badly damaged since January 11th, when the world discovered a hole in a Brazilian retailer worth more than R$40 billion?

After all, Buffett has known the group for years. In 2013, the investor partnered with 3G Capital, when they founded a global food giant, Kraft Heinz. Buffett and Lyman have known each other since the late 1990s, when they were both members of the Gillette board of directors.

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