December 9, 2022

Did you answer Pix? QUIZ guarantees up to 140.00 BRL for answering small questions

Currently, the dream of many Brazilians is to earn money online and increase their income without leaving home. For this audience, small task apps prove themselves as interesting options. After all, they offer small payments to users who perform simple activities. One such app is QuizKing. According to Brazilian YouTubers, the test app is pushing via Pix in 2022.

In their videos, influencers do their best to convince followers to download QuizKing and try their luck on the platform. For that, they invest in flashy affirmations and irrefutable promises. YouTubers, for example, claim that it is possible to earn “140 BRL per answer” using the app. However, the public wants to know: does the app really pay? Or is it more of a hypothetical scam? In that sense, check out our review of the platform below.

Quiz pays on Pix? Image: disclosure

QuizKing – Discover the quiz app that pays via Pix

First, the QuizKing app is only available on the Play Store. Therefore, the test application only works on Android mobile phones. So far, about 10,000 people have downloaded the app. In other words: it’s a novelty in the digital store. In addition, it is important to note that the description of the application and the interface of the application are in English – which makes it very difficult for Brazilian users to access it.indicates that the platform does not support local subscribers.


Is it possible to earn R$140 per answer using QuizKing?

As mentioned earlier, Brazilian YouTubers claim that it is possible to earn “140 BRL per answer” using the QuizKing app. This is a big lie. Obviously, the platform does not work with such expressive values. The promise, first of all, serves only to attract the attention of Internet users and increase the revenue generated by the invite link. Therefore, distrusting the promises of national influencers is always a good deal.

How do you earn money on QuizKing?

To make money on QuizKing, apparently, there is no secret. Users have to play the platform game, make sure to get good results, reach the minimum withdrawal amount and then request payments later. In the game, the goal of the players is to correctly answer the questionnaires of the platform. QuizKing is an international app developed by a Chinese company. Therefore, payments are made via PayPal. Therefore, it is not possible to “opt out immediately” or “receive via Pix”, despite what YouTube users promise.

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Quiz App Doesn’t Pay On Pix, But Is It Reliable? Is QuizKing worth it?

On the Play Store, QuizKing has a score of 4.7 (out of 5), considered high. On the other hand, user reviews reveal that the app is not worth it. According to subscribers, the application stops paying after a certain level. Additionally, users claim that the platform’s payments are very low. Most of the time, just pennies. Therefore, everything indicates that the application is not worth it. Finally, see below some reports and draw your own conclusions.

“The app really pays, but after 7 withdrawals I made for 0.20 cents they removed this option, now you have to score very high to be able to withdraw 2 riyals, it is not worth it! I will have to uninstall it.” – Gucinara.

“The stolen game is impossible to win 40 riyals after level 85, the game starts to steal and blocks at level 95 so the user does not win!!! In short, I referred the app to more than 40 friends and won 8 cents!!!! Unfortunate.” – 7

“The app is great, but waiting 7 days to get 0.20 cents is a joke, I have another one I receive on the same day, they can improve it, it doesn’t even encourage me to keep doing it.” – Magyar.

If you still want to download the app and try your luck on the platform, the download is available at This way, you don’t have to use the registration link shared by YouTube users.

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