January 29, 2023
Diego Alonso drowned the Uruguay national team in the Cup - 12/03/2022

Diego Alonso drowned the Uruguay national team in the Cup – 12/03/2022

Otto Gloria, the Brazilian coach who led Portugal in the historic campaign of 1966, used to say a wonderful phrase: “A coach when he succeeds is great, and when he lacks it he is a monster.”

Diego Alonso was instrumental in Uruguay’s qualification to the Cup. He replaced Maestro Tabarez and achieved four straight victories, leading Celeste to Qatar. It was great. amazing.

Then it was a beast.

He assembled the team without Arrascaeta. He preferred the trio of Valverde, Betancourt and Vicino. And take a tight ball to Pellistri. And Darwin Nunez became an absolute starter.

Against Portugal, there were three defenders. The same trio in the middle and … Arrascaeta only when the cow was already with its leg in the swamp.

Arrascaeta became a regular starter only in the last match. He scored both winning goals against Ghana.

And Diego Alonso surprised his genius and took him out before the end. He thought he was already seeded and wanted to save it for the match against Brazil.

And he did not rely on the cunning of Korea, which turned the match against Portugal and turned the Uruguay boat.

He is the type of coach who has an idea and adapts the players to it. In case, I don’t want the ball. I want to take it and pass it to winger Pellestri or forward Nunez. Why do you have the ball? Why crack?