August 14, 2022
Diego Costa has shown interest in negotiating with Corinthians again

Diego Costa has shown interest in negotiating with Corinthians again

Corinthians are still dreaming of nine players for the 2022 season. Diego Costa, who had already thwarted negotiations with Parque FC Sao Jorge at the start of the year, has once again shown an interest in speaking with Timao.

Without reaching an agreement with a club in Europe, the striker remains free in the market, and recently has expressed interest in negotiating with Timão again. Knowing the good Timão team, Diego Costa believes that he has the ability to show a high level of football, and even for this reason, he accepts Ask for a lower salary than in January. This information was revealed by journalist Ali Oliveira and confirmed My dream.

At the beginning of the year, the striker terminated his contract with Atletico Mineiro and spoke with Corinthians, which is free on the market. Duilio Monteiro Alves, president of the club, I talked about negotiating with the player And put an end to the negotiations for the time being.

“In a transparent way, Diego Costa will not attend Corinthians. Corinthians is not only waiting, but is unable to carry out this operation. The model he has is not very interesting to Corinthians. So, Diego Costa, at the moment, will not play in Corinthians “, he said in an interview with

What can make a potential negotiation difficult is the issue of the new coach. Corinthians speaking with the club’s commercial partnership Tunisa, To help pay Vitor Pereira’s salaries. The agribusiness company was one of Corinthians’ trump cards to get a strong nine for the 2022 season. Tonsa saw in appointing a striker the potential to gain more exposure in the market.

In addition to Diego Costa, names such as Edinson Cavani and Luis Suarez have been monitored by the Corinthians Council. But negotiations did not progress.

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