May 30, 2023
Diesel is more expensive than petrol for the first time since 2004

Diesel is more expensive than petrol for the first time since 2004

The price of a liter of diesel has exceeded the price of gasoline for the first time, according to a survey conducted by the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) on Friday 24, reflecting the rise in global prices of biofuels. fuelwho made the Petrobras Diesel modification of 14.2% and gasoline of 5.2% on the eighteenth.

The average price of diesel at gas stations scattered across the country, in the week of June 19-25, was R$7,568/liter, while the average price of gasoline was R$7,390/liter. The highest diesel value was found at R$8,850/L in Acre, and the lowest diesel at R$6,290/L in Rio de Janeiro.

The increase compared to the previous week was 9.6% for diesel and 2.2% for gasoline.

Diesel has been more controversial in the global market and expectations are that from the second half of the year prices will be higher, due to the replacement of Russian gas from Europe with fuel, after sanctions against Russia for the invasion of Ukraine. . Also starting in July, summer vacations begin in the northern hemisphere, which also increases the demand for gasoline, and hurricanes in the United States, a phenomenon that often hinders production in the Gulf of Mexico.

However, in the domestic market, the government is trying to curb potential future increases, changing Petrobras’ leadership once again. The state-owned company’s eligibility committee is meeting on Friday to evaluate the name Cayo Pais de Andrade to head the company, which is supposed to be approved by the board of directors on Monday 27.

Even before the increase, the price of diesel at gas stations was already criticized by truck drivers, who in the second half of the year increased fuel consumption due to the transportation of the agricultural crop.