August 11, 2022
"Difficult for opponents";  Denilson points to the favoritism of the Recopa dispute

“Difficult for opponents”; Denilson points to the favoritism of the Recopa dispute

Palm trees

The first match ended in a 2-2 draw and the decision was taken at Allianz Parque stadium.

- The commentator sees the advantage of the Alfevard team
© Photo: Playback / Band– The commentator sees the advantage of the Alfevard team

Palm trees And the Atletico Paranaense They tied 2-2 at the Arena da Baixada in the first match that determines the title of Recopa Sol-Americana, the decisive match next Wednesday (02). during the programopen game”commentator Denilson Highlight that there is no favorite for the confrontation you will play in Allianz Park. But the former player indicated a factor that might leave the team Alverady in advantage.

“It is a very difficult match, although Palmeiras played at Allianz Parque and with full force. He will play against a difficult team, who are used to this kind of situation and have managed to be champions in recent years with good football. Athletico-PR has players in the defensive system. And with a quick transition. Playing at home gives favoritism, but the decision is open.”

Denilson He also highlighted the quality of the cast Palm treesWho has won important nicknames in recent seasons: “What a boost for decision you have a player with technical quality and above all the vitality of playing decision. You, like him, injure your teammates and Palmeiras always has the characteristic of being competitive, when the team reaches this level it becomes more difficult for opponents”, Commentator finished.

Possible escalation of Abel Ferrara to dispute: Waverton. Marcos Rocha, Gustavo Gomez, Murillo, Péquez; Danilo, Gilson (Gustavo Scarpa) and Zee Raphael; Dudu, Rooney and Rafael Vega. For the match, the leader will have an absence Luan With an injury to the left thigh and Gabriel Menino With a sprain of the right ankle.

Already a team Alberto Valitim The field must be entered with: Saints. Khalvin, Pedro Henrique, Thiago Heleno and Abner; Hugo Moura, Matthews Fernandez, Eric and Leo Citadini; David Terrance and Pablo. missing team Vitor Bueno comment service, Rinaldo recovering from knee surgery, Pedro Rocha calf injury and kwil which returns to its physical form.