September 30, 2023
Dinei and Erika Dias are disqualified from Power Couple Brasil 6 with 18.20% of the vote - Power Couple Brasil 6

Dinei and Erika Dias are disqualified from Power Couple Brasil 6 with 18.20% of the vote – Power Couple Brasil 6

The Brazil Power Couple 6 It’s over for Denny and Erica Dias. The pair were disqualified from competing in the live show on Thursday (19) with 18.20% of the vote. They lost the dispute to the public in favor of Mateus Sampaio, Brenda Paixao, Rogerio and Baronesa in a vote held in

Denei and Erika ended up in the DR as a result of withdrawing from Prova dos Casais this week. Brenda and Matthews accompanied their colleagues because of the worst balance.

The three weeks of the reality show participants were distinguished by their sober and united attitude. In competition watchers, the duo had a captive spot in Power Mansion: the corner dining table. There, they combined strategies, analyzed moves and, of course, talked about competitors.

Such a situation generated debates among the players. By not getting close to other competitors, Denny told his colleagues so The game was exclusively with his companion from life. “I’m not here to make friends or connect with anyone,” he stated.

However, the coexistence spoke louder. By connections, the former player and official approached Adriana Ribeiro and Albert Bressan. Nahim and Andrea Andrade have also had the affection of a duo as the days go by.

The former athlete had some disputes in the dispute. At the beginning of the season, he feuded with class cooks. He was pissed off to see everyone cooking together. However, his biggest clash was with Mateus Sampaio and Brenda Paixao. in the power circuit breaker, He and his wife were called plants. Erica replied, “I’m a carnivore and our game is to devour you.”

The spouses themselves also had their differences, or rather, a little Dr. At a certain point in the game, Denny asks for affection from his wife and I broke down crying. “He woke up a little grumpy,” she complained. In the end love spoke louder and made peace.

In the tests and program dynamics, Dinei and Erika were not very lucky. They couldn’t win No evidence of husbands, for example. This week to own Fear of encountering mice, worms, cockroaches, worms and frogsThe duo gave up on the challenge and ended up in DR.

Denny and Erica’s engagement ended on a great track. Unfortunately, the couple did not have the public’s preference and were disqualified on Thursday (19).

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