February 2, 2023
Disappointing attack, but Fluminense wins with Cuiaba own goal

Disappointing attack, but Fluminense wins with Cuiaba own goal

The Fluminense He went to the Pantanal Arena and won a race cuiaba 1-0 in a valid match for the second round of the Brazilian Championship. But the goal of the match was against defender Paulau in extra time in the second half.

The tricolor attack again did not perform well and came out from zero for the third time in a row. The same was the case against Junior Barranquilla (South America) and Santos (Brazilirao).

The focus of the flu is now on the match on April 19, when they welcome Villa Nova, of Guais, to the third stage of the Copa del Rey.

The season of ups and downs

So far, Fluminense’s season has been marked by moments of great joy and others of utter disappointment. That’s because the team led by Abel won the Campeonato Carioca Championship over Flamengo, but missed out on its place in the group stage. Editors.

positive history

Tonight, both teams had reason to believe in victory before rolling the ball at Arena Pantanal. This is because Cuiaba has come from eight wins in eight matches for the home team, while Flo has won seven of the previous 10 when they played as a visitor of the season.

Best in the field: Goose

The flu midfielder was one of the few to try something different, even if it was ineffective. Realizing Cuiaba’s toughness in watching, the No. 10 jersey got close to the midfielders and risked longer passes.

Worst on the field: Andre

The Cuiaba striker played a poor and fruitless game. He was substituted directly in the first half, making way for Elton, as he was harmless throughout the first half and was booked in the 38th minute for defender Nino’s injury to his arm.

Cuiaba Activities:

Even while playing at home, Cuiaba chose to play more defensively, seeking to find spaces in the flu defense through quick counter-attacks. In the first stage, goalkeeper Fabio did not bother much.

Fluminense activities:

The team, led by Abel, did not hide from the match in search of possession of the ball and the lines advanced on the offensive field. However, in the offensive sector there was a lack of creativity and speed, which made it easy to keep an eye on the opponent.

Game timeline

The first half was characterized by a lot of running and pointing, but the chances of a goal are few. Carioca held the ball more, trying to find spaces in the opponent’s defense, but missed when it reached the Cuiabá area.

The match was so truncated that Flo’s first kick was only 22 minutes away with striker Luis Henrique. The boy managed to get away from the mark, but hit weakly and without guidance, which prompted a complaint from his teammate Fred.

The second half kept the same pace, with both teams making a lot of mistakes in attack and scoring strong goals when they did not have the ball.

Only the match did not end 0-0 because defender Paulau scored against it in injury time, following an urgent move by striker Kano.

data sheet
Cuiaba 0 x 1 Fluminense

Contest: The second round of the Italian Serie A of the Brazilian Championship
Date: 04/16/2022
hour: 21:00 (from Brasilia)
Sweetened: Arena Pantanal, in Cuiabá (MT)
to rule: Savio Pereira Sampaio (Defender)
Auxiliaries: Alessandro Alvaro Rocha de Matos (Bachelor) and Jose Reinaldo Nascimento Jr. (Defender)
Video Assistant Referee: Rafael Tracy (SC)
yellow cards: Andre and Igor Karius (Cuiaba); Nino (Flumenense)
Goal: Paulo (against) in the 47th minute of the second half

Cuiaba: Walter. Joao Lucas, Emperor, Paulau and Igor Karius; Everton (Felipe Marquez), Rafael Java (Valdivia), Pepe and Rodrigoinho (Marcao Silva); Andre Louis (Marquinhos) and Andre (Elton). Artistic: painted

Fluminense: Fabio. Caligari, Nino, Manuel Pineda (Chris Silva); Wellington, Nonato and Jansu (Iago Philippe); Arias (Cayo Paulista), Luiz Henrique (Willian) and Fred (Kano). Coach: Abel Braga