August 19, 2022
Discord crashed?  Server status is showing an API error and the application will not connect |  apps

Discord crashed? Server status is showing an API error and the application will not connect | apps

the discord, a messaging app widely used by the gamers community, was not available on Wednesday afternoon (26). From 11:49 PST (16:49 GMT), the server status for the platform that is protected by . is cloudflaree, pointed out the Outage API error and ensured a quick solution. However, user complaints persist, and the service remains inaccessible in some cases, whether on mobile Android where Iphone (iOS) or on PC or macOs.

It is possible to log into the application, but even if it shows servers and recent messages in some situations, the status is shown as “Connected”. In other cases, an API error is indicated on the loading screen. the discord He stated that the issue would be resolved soon, and from 17:29, access to some platforms started normally.

Discord suffers from API error on Wednesday (26); The company guarantees that a decision will come soon – Image: Disclosure / Dispute

This drop was reported by several users on Downdetector, which peaked at 1,306 complaints at 4:55 pm (Brazilian time). The problem not only affected Brazilian users of discord, no TwitterThere are reports from different parts of the world. Information in the service state indicates that the problem has already been resolved, and the delay in access experienced by many users must have something to do with purposeful limitations to normalize the situation.

while the discord No longer, many users missed joining their servers with friends.

also in Twitter, the platform’s official account spoke about the issue, and also noted status updates:

During the error, users are unable to access the service. However, the platform completes the login and shows on the mobile the available servers. On the PC, the message indicated an API error, as well as a 15-minute deadline for resolving the problem. Despite this, instability continued to hamper the use of the platform.

At around 5:30 PM, the app had normalized in some cases, allowing users to exchange messages. However, some people complained of a new recession. according to case discordOver half of the users have already been able to reconnect, and the team continues to work to open access for everyone.

with information from discordAnd Downdetector