March 21, 2023


Air ovens “fry” food with hot air: the internal resistance heats it up and the blower distributes the heat evenly at high speed. But what if you change the format of this product a little and turn the device into a fully electric oven and add features typical of an Air Fryer, will it work? Yes, but with restrictions.

Inside, the Airfryer oven isn’t much different from traditional electric ovens. But the trays here have holes to help circulate the hot air. When using the appliance, do not think that it is a hybrid: if you activate the “oven” function, it is an oven. If you turn on the “air fryer” function, it will “fry” without oil – you can’t do both at the same time. Placing and removing trays in a product of this format is much easier and simpler than in a “regular” air freshener tray. In the text below, good chances for you to buy on Black Friday.

Good buy for Black Friday – Image: Advertising

It is an oven and it is an air fryer

Fry without oil, dry food and even bake like in a regular oven, depending on the equipment. This is one of the most coveted Black Friday 2022 outfits and that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

Midea oven fryer

This is a product with the look and feel of an electric oven, but also works as a great air fryer. This is not a problem as it completes the tasks quickly and very well. On Black Friday now in November, the product costs 790 reais. There is a one year warranty from the manufacturer.

It holds 12 liters, which is larger than a conventional air fryer (between 2.2 and 5.5 liters), but less than half the capacity of competitors Multi and Oster. The oven measures 37.9cm (W) x 31.5cm (L) x 36.5cm (H). It has 1,700 watts of power, similar to other models, and three external buttons to control: temperature (up to 200°C), time (up to 60 minutes) and one to turn the interior light on and off.

AirFryer 2 in 1 Electric Multi Oven CE 180

The AirFryer CE 180 2-in-1 Multifunctional Electric Oven works great as an oven and air fryer. It is a large model – with a volume of 25 liters and a power of 1500 watts – with dimensions of 39.7 x 42.1 x 35.2 cm. In mid-November, the price of the device was 900 riyals in online stores and it has a one-year warranty.

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The last option

Multifunctional frying pan and oven

It’s the most feature-packed of the models we recommend, but it’s also the most expensive: it sold for R$1,500 in November in online stores. There is a numeric keypad with buttons to control various functions.

There are 10 manual functions (fry, dry, reheat, oven, grill, turbo convection, bake, defrost and oven) and 11 pre-programmed functions (chicken, fish, chops, shrimp, meat, chicken wings, vegetables, bacon, potatoes, lasagna and pizza).

To complement the product, Oster also offers a crumb tray, grease trap, wire basket with hooks, shelves, and heat-resistant mitts. 1700 watts and measures 40 x 36 x 37 cm. Equipment warranty for 1 year. 25 liters fit the multi. But the various functions are its main strength, such as allowing the oven to ferment homemade dough overnight at a low temperature. The maximum temperature is 200 degrees Celsius. The unique feature of the product is the audible alert that prompts the chef to turn food onto the tray to promote doneness.

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