November 28, 2022

Discover 3 profitable online businesses with an investment of up to 200 BRL

Nowadays, people may be looking to find ways to make a profit. One factor that may contribute to this scenario is the fact that with inflation rising, prices, even basic items, have gone up. For this reason, it can be difficult to find credit to pay the month’s bills.

However, what many people may not know is that the Internet has many ways to make money online. There are options, for example, the use of applications, which can pay a monetary reward for the performance of some tasks by the user. But there is also the option of businesses that require investment.

Interested parties can register for business / photo: disclosure.

Business that can be profitable

One of the first platforms that people can use if they are interested in making a profit is Reserva.Ink. In this way, it has something to do with clothing brand Reserva.

The Reserva.Ink platform can be used to create an online store where an interested party can generate sales. According to the official information on the site, the reservation is responsible for the receipt, production, packaging and shipment of the product. According to the website, ships within 1 business day after purchase. The store owner can follow the whole process through the platform.

In addition, Reserva.Ink has two plans: Basic and Plus. Moreover, those interested in the proposal can rely on a calculator capable of simulating their potential winnings.

Another alternative is through the Parceiro Magalu program, which is linked to the Magazine Luiza franchise. Thus, it is possible to create a virtual store using the Magazine Luiza platform. There are two ways: one for those who are self-employed and want to earn extra income, and the other for those who have products to sell and want to use the magazine platform to promote their products. For a self-employed group, there is an opportunity to receive commissions on sales made. The commission rate can be up to 12%.

Finally, there is another alternative that allows people to create apps and then try to sell them to companies interested in buying them. This is an option made by Application Factory. According to the website, there are only five steps to creating a new app.

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How do I login?

Those interested in accessing the Reserva.Ink page can do so through the address: On the site there is more information about pricing and operation.

On the other hand, to access Magalu Partner and check more details about this possibility, the link is as follows:

Finally, to access the Application Factory, interested parties can use the address:

The information provided here is not investment advice.

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