July 22, 2024

Discover professions that don’t use math and earn well

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Quais são as profissões que não usam matemática?
Quais são as profissões que não usam matemática?

Professions that do not use mathematics Some may love calculations, formulas, and equations, but others hate them. Among the exact subjects, mathematics is undoubtedly the most fundamental. On this date (02/26), he Previous Negatives Guide Come to show you what these professions are.

What professions do not use mathematics?

Knowing how to perform the four basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) is an important skill not just during school, but throughout life, whether it’s time to calculate monthly expenses, build an emergency reserve or start a business.


However, in the context of the subject, this knowledge develops in more complex aspects, such as the accuracy of first, second and third degree functions, fractions, powers, percentage, etc. Many of these subjects terrify students, who see mathematics as their greatest enemy to completing high school and choosing a college course.

Inevitably, mathematics will be an entry into university, but for those who do not do well in the subject, there are a large number of courses and professions in which it is not so prominent, which makes their training less complicated.

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Law or letters

What professions do not use mathematics?
What professions do not use mathematics? Photo: Pixabay

When we think of the exact opposite, courses that focus on languages ​​and humanities immediately come to mind, such as in law, which is one of the students’ favorites due to its wide range of opportunities, or the Arts course, aimed at those who wish to develop their abilities in Portuguese and other languages.

Dentistry and Nursing

There are also interesting options for those who want to switch to the healthcare industry. Dentistry and Nursing are highly sought after due to the need for specialists in the area, as well as the ease of access to them, compared to the very crowded course of medicine.

In addition, we have a physical education course, very dear to those who love sports and pass on health teachings, through physical exercise.

Educators, psychologists and tourism scientists

In addition to the options mentioned, we have several courses that do not directly involve mathematics that can secure your space in the job market, such as geography, history, pedagogy, arts, fashion, social work, psychology, tourism and much more!

If math isn’t your thing, try out some of the options described in our post and choose the one you like. Due to the wide variety, we recommend that you take professional exams to choose the profession that best suits your knowledge and skills.

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