September 27, 2022
Mentruz: conheça os benefícios dessa planta para a sua saúde — Reprodução do

Discover the benefits of this plant for your health

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Laguna, Tuesday 15 March – The mentrose It is a plant that originated in South America, as well as southern and southeastern Brazil. Also known as mastruço, mastruz or herb-de-santa-maria, this herb is known for its diuretic and anti-abortion properties. according to Article from Globo’s G1 website. Very great for your health and well-being.

This herb has the strong aroma of watercress, and it’s delicious and a little hot, too. here in home life We will show you the benefits of this typical herb and how to add this plant to your diet in a delicious way. Check it out now!

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mentrose benefits

Due to its expectorant, anti-abortion and diuretic properties, this plant is used against bronchitis, respiratory repellent and cough. However, the aqueous extract of this plant has proven to be a great healing agent according to Article published in Terra da Gente on the Globo G1. However, it is an ideal herb to add to your diet, as in addition to its typical flavor, it is a natural and home remedy due to its nutrients.

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Montrose in Nutrition

Above all, we already know that mentrose has great benefits, but how can you take advantage of them all by adding the herb to your diet? Our first tip is: Before introducing the herb into your menu, check with your doctor. As much as this herb is beneficial and wonderful for health, find a health professional to make sure you can take mentrose.

Basically, besides being very easy to find and great to grow as well. In this sense, to take advantage of all the nutrients, the best way to take it is through an infusion of the leaves. The tea can be made with fresh leaves, boiling water, and also with dried leaves.

Because it is an expectorant and anti-influenza, it is important to use the tea in these situations, as mentioned earlier, it is useful for cough symptoms. But be careful, consume in moderation and without exaggeration. In addition, mentrose is contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women, and for children under the age of two.

Therefore, there are also those who prefer consumption in Natura in power. In this case, the plant is harvested fresh and before flowering, and again, always eat it in moderation because it is a medicinal herb with many properties and nutrients.

Did you like our tips on the benefits of Montrose? here in home life We have many other tips and ideas for your plants and your garden, you will love them! Finally, watch the video from Angela Xavier’s channel and check out all the benefits of this plant.

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