September 24, 2023
Discover the free data science course at Americana

Discover the free data science course at Americana

The American Launch a preparatory program focused on data science to provide Empowerment For new tech professionals. By partnering with VAI Academy, classes will be 100% free and online.

However, registration closed on Friday (24th) and the expectation is that opportunities will be created in the company’s technology sector, expanding Employability of good professionals. Find out more below.

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400 newly graduated university and professional students from all over Brazil will participate in the classes. After the classes are over, 60 of these students will be selected to enjoy the full version of the course. In this case, the students who performed best during this period will be considered. In addition, for registration, it was necessary to pass the test of reasoning and cultural appropriateness proposed by the VAI.

What is data science

Basically, this is an area that organizes and analyzes data from a company, agency, etc. For this, various processes are needed, such as capturing, processing, transforming and analyzing this information. Therefore, it is imperative that this professional, a data scientist, has a more mathematical and analytical profile, where a more strategic vision is required.

What will be covered in the course

After selecting those interested, they will have access to a two-week preparatory course where they can learn basic and basic concepts of data science, such as some programming languages, such as Python, as well as statistics, soft skills and time management. Students will also get a certificate that can be used as additional hours at the university.

In about eight weeks (full course), including live classes, the participants will be divided into teams, they will have to perform practical tasks and different levels, thus having a clearer understanding of how the “data science” team works. in the labor market. In the end, a final exclusive project will be undertaken, a challenge proposed by Americana.

You can access it through this Link.