September 26, 2022
Fotomontagem Séries DC

Discover the series based on DC Comics and where to watch them!

‘The Sandman’: Check out the reasons to watch the new Netflix series

Since its inception, the series is based on comics Neil Gaiman and has Tom Sturridge Playing the role of the protagonist, she managed to become one of the most watched productions on the streaming platform.

In addition to “The Sandman,” check out other DC Comics-based series to get you a marathon!


The Flash is a series based on the DC Comics character. The production, consisting of eight seasons, tells the story of forensic expert Barry Allen (Grant Justin) who, after having an accident in his lab with chemicals, was struck by lightning and became fast.

Faced with this, he becomes the superhero Flash who, in addition to dealing with villains, aims to discover the identity behind his mother’s murder.

Where to watch: Netflix

peace maker

The series “Pacificador”, which includes the actor John Cena Play the hero, inspired by the character Christopher Smith from DC Comics.

written by James Jennthe production depicts the history and origin of the peacemaker, who intends to bring peace at any cost.

In addition to this, the protagonist also faces some problems to resolve his relationship with his father (Robert Patrick).

Where to watch: HBO Max


Launched in 2019, “Watchmen” series is based on the world of comics written by Alan Moore And the Dave Gibbons In 1987. Produced by HBO, the series takes place after the events of the comedy. This means that the production shows the changes in the world after the events of the comic book.

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The story takes place in Watchmen in an alternate reality of the 21st century, where a group of guards are criminals and there are no cell phones.
The series takes place in Tulsa, USA, and focuses largely on the story of Detective Angela Appar (Regina King), which is part of this group and aims to investigate a group of white racists called the “Seventh Knights”.

Where to watch: HBO Max

Superman and Louis

In the series “Superman and Louis”, journalists Clark Kent (Tyler Hoechlin), Superman, and Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch), try to live a “normal” life after facing countless super villains and other creatures. Clark and Lewis have two children, Jonathan (jordan sa) and Jordan (Alexander Garvin), who began to worry about the possibility of inheriting paternal powers. In the production, the couple, who is back in the small town of Smallville, faces a turn.

Where do you watch: HBO Max

Doom Patrol

In “The Doom Patrol”, the 2019 production, you follow the adventures of the Doom Patrol, a group of superheroes formed by socially marginalized people with superhuman abilities. The head of the character gathered them, and they embarked on a special mission, in addition to protecting the Earth from the bad guys.

Where to watch: HBO Max

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