Dive in with me”, or the inspiring story of Soleine Démétré

«Plonge avec moi», ou l'histoire inspirante de Soleine Démétré

With a name as special as Soleine, some had predicted a destiny of no little importance. The chance has given them reason. A 15-year-old, a beast dip in a swimming pool has left her partially paralyzed. But far from dwelling on his fate, it was dark in the life by choosing the side of happiness. To tell, the milf has set her story in good hands : those of his aunt, the author Claire Cooke.

The writer of Shefford had already had two novels to his credit, The cruciverbiste and Juror no. 9 , in which investigating her heroine Emma Clarke. We were also able to read in the code of new Crimes to the museum.

But switching from the polar to the story it required a state of mind and a different engagement. Because Claire Cooke has fully invested in this biography, entitled Dives with me, to be released on January 16. The history of Soleine Démétré, she had lived very near, but not inside. It was therefore necessary to collect the memories and confidences of his niece, to go all the way through his / her perspective to it.

“After the publication of the two books, I felt ready to write this story in which I was very present. It was matured about three years in my head and one day, I talked to Soleine in front of a glass of wine. At the beginning, she did not see the interest to publish it, ” says Mrs Cooke.

It has, however, managed to convince them of the relevance of such a book. “Initially, I wanted to write “I”, but I realized that the reader wanted to hear Soleine tell. Then, I put myself in his skin. It was exchanged. All that is done in joy and good mood. We were so close before, but through this book, it has become the major accomplices, ” says the novelist.

And even if the preparation was forced to relive the family drama that occurred in 1998, she found solace. “I had my wings. It has been my book the easiest to write. I was in the privacy of this crisis, then in writing, all came back to me. “

She tells the plunge fateful, the loss of the use of her legs and part of his arm, the hospital, mourning the Soleine before, the rehabilitation and his life after.

But it is mainly the strength of character and the unwavering positivism of his niece that she wished to put in light. At almost 36 years of age, the young woman of Terrebonne is now mom of two girls, a committed volunteer, a guest speaker at his hours… and much more. Without fear and without regret.

“Soleine is a person bold, open-minded, she travels everywhere, nothing scares him. The obstacles for the fun. It is full of humour and always has a smile on his lips ! ” launches Ms. Cooke with admiration.

“The appetite for life… it is stronger that everything “, please also say Soleine Démétré, which is described at the end of the book as a fighter ” character rebellious “.

When asked what she wanted to convey by publishing Dives with me, Claire Cooke says that his greatest desire was first to pay tribute to Soleine and its efforts. But a little awareness also has its place. “Neither she nor I would want to be sanctimonious, but if this book can prevent an accident happens, and if it can save even one person, that would be good… “

The return of Emma Clarke

This incursion very personal in the universe of the story is not to say, however, that the author moves away from the detective novel.

Accustomed to publish a book every two years, Claire Cooke is preparing gently for the return of his detective Emma Clarke. The story gradually takes shape and the writing could begin in the spring, she said. If all goes well, she could even be ahead slightly to the planned schedule.

“It may be that a publication in September 2020 would be possible. “

Dives with me is being released in bookstores on January 16, Editions Schooner.

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