July 24, 2024

Djokovic’s danger is the key to the final decision

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Djokovic's danger is the key to the final decision
Djokovic's danger is the key to the final decision

Melbourne, Australia) – The long-awaited decision by Immigration Minister Alex Hawke on Serbian Novak Djokovic to remain in Australia began days ago, and largely depends on it. its legal complexityWith conflicting advice on the best decision to make.

According to experts, the main question that must be answered before being introduced is whether Djokovic really poses a risk to the health, safety or good health of the Australian community. If the answer is “yes,” the visa could end up being canceled, as former undersecretary of the Ministry of Immigration and a specialist in immigration and population, Abu Al-Radawi, explained to 3AW.

There is a 50% chance that the government will move to deport him. The government has a range of options that it can pursue. If Hawke decides to cancel, there are three possibilities to cancel. The first is the personal abolition by the Minister in the interest of the country. This is an unusual path, but it is an option open to the government,” Razavi said.

“The second option is to cancel on the grounds that he provided false information on the Australian Government forms. This is the most common basis for cancellation, and the third option, which was introduced by the government yesterday and which surprised me a little bit, is cancellation for personal reasons,” the immigration expert added.

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Rizvi said he looked at character behaviors and that the only disposition he found they could use would be the so-called public personality test behaviors. “But that would be quite unusual. I don’t remember a case in the past where the government canceled on this grounds.”

If Hook revokes Djokovic’s visa a second time, for reasons of public interest, without notifying the player of his intent to cancel, the Minister will then designate notice of revocation to be taken by the Australian Border Force, which will begin preparations for removal on the next available flight.

But if Djokovic appeals the decision to cancel the visa and that appeal is accepted, he will remain in detention until the court has time to consider the matter. I imagine that will continue beyond the end of the week. It is therefore very likely that Djokovic, should his visa be revoked, be detained in Melbourne while the Australian Open kicks off,” Rizvi explained.

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