December 9, 2022
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Do I need to change SIM cards to use 5G SA and NSA? know more

5G is finally becoming a reality in Brazil: some capitals in the country, Including Sao Paulobegan to receive 5G SA (standalone) and 5G NSA (non-standalone), ensuring more strength in use. The new offerings are able to reach speeds in the Gbps range, as long as you are in the coverage area, have a compatible mobile phone and a SIM card enabled.

With the arrival of technology, consumers may have doubts about how 5G will work. To help customers, the operators have already provided information on how to use “Pure 5G” and whether to change SIM cards.

The difference between 5G DSS, SA and NSA?

“Real 5G” is available in Brazil in two standards that guarantee speeds of about 1 Gbps. While 5G Standalone (SA) uses a dedicated infrastructure and ensures low latency, the new NSA (Non-Standalone) version still uses 4G cores, ensuring high speed but lower latency performance.

New versions of 5G guarantee speeds much faster than 5G DSS, which is already available by operators in Brazil. The standard ensures support for networks faster than traditional 4G, but using the entire network architecture of the previous mobile Internet standard.

Despite the advantages of pure 5G, it is important to note that it is not easy to guarantee full connection speed these days. After all, operators release support for technology little by little and the quality of the connection varies depending on several factors, from the connected devices to the distance from the antennas.

Will I need to change the chips?

Regarding the chip and the change of plan, the situation depends on each operator and the use of technology. While it is usual that you will need a compatible cell phone to take advantage of the novelty, SIM swapping may vary.

Check out the information released by Vivo, Claro, and Tim on the subject.


Users who want to take advantage of 5G NSA from Claro will not need to change their SIM to enjoy the modernity. However, to use 5G SA, which guarantees better transmission rates, they will need to replace the chip. It is worth noting that the company calls the display of both connections 5G +, which may cause further confusion for users.


Like Claro, Vivo also offers the new 5G without the need to change the chip, but using the SA version will need to replace the component.


TIM allows 5G SA to be used without the need to change SIM, but it is necessary to have a TIM Black or TIM Black Família plan with 50GB internet package, which is free for the first year. To use 5G NSA networks, it is not necessary to change the SIM card or plan.