September 28, 2022
Do I need to update the Caixa Tem program to apply for a small loan?

Do I need to update the Caixa Tem program to apply for a small loan?

Find out if you need to update the Caixa Tem to apply for Microcredit that provides payments to individuals and MEI organizations.

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In light of the economic scenario that has been punishing Brazil in recent months, the possibility of requesting microcredit through cashier It can be a good option for those who need money. The opportunity to take an amount to invest in something and thus get a financial return to pay the bills attracts the attention of many people.

Digital Microcredit Simplification Program (SIM Digital) credit Up to R$1,000 for individuals with a production or service-providing activity, and up to R$3,000 for MEIs that do not have access to lines of credit, including those with a bad name.

Before applying for a small loan, interested parties should pay attention to certain procedures. It is common for customers BanksAnd, not just Caixa, they don’t teach themselves what to do.

Do I need to update the Caixa Tem program to apply for a small loan?

In the case of individuals, it is necessary to update the Caixa Tem to apply for a small loan. This audience can borrow from R$300 to R$1,000, with a repayment period of up to 24 months and an interest of 1.95% per month. The procedure does not take much time and can be performed as follows:

  • Access the App Store on your cell phone (which may be Android or iOS) and install the latest version of Caixa Tem;
  • open the application;
  • Login with your CPF number and password;
  • Click “Update Your Registration”
  • select “Okay, let’s get started”;
  • Make sure the data on the screen is correct. If there are errors, edit the information;
  • tell your place of birth, answer some questions that will appear on the screen and click “Next”;
  • Check the information provided and press “Continue”;
  • To finish the process, follow the instructions and submit photos of your ID document.

What happens if a customer is unable to pay the Caixa Tem Micro Credit installments?

If the customer does not make the payment by the due date, the debt will increase over time, since there is a penalty and interest for the delay. It is important to settle the debt before it turns into a “snowball”.

The faster the payment is made, the lower fees will be charged. Overdue debts make it difficult for the user to obtain another loans Caixa and other financial institutions.

When contracting, the client establishes a relationship with the responsible organization. When bills are paid on time, a person’s score tends to increase and shows loans Larger in the future may arise.

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