September 30, 2023
Do L!  With the right to 'Lei do ex', Fluminense beats Vasco and remains in command of the Carioca بطولة Championship

Do L! With the right to ‘Lei do ex’, Fluminense beats Vasco and remains in command of the Carioca بطولة Championship

In the middle of the Saturday carnival, it was Fluminense dominate Vasco It won 2-0 at its host Nilton Santos in the ninth round of Campionato Carioca. German Cano opened the scoring and enforced the famous “law of the former”, while Nonato expanded the score to the tricolor. With this victory, Abel Braga’s men isolated remained in the lead with 24 points, while Cruz Maltino finished third with 19 points. (See the goals below.)

Fluminense returns to the field on Tuesday in the Copa Libertadores, at 21:30, against Melonarios, in São Januaro. In the first leg, the Rio de Janeiro team won 2 to 1. For Carioca, Tricolore Resende, in Rawlino de Oliveira, faces the fifth game. Vasco, in turn, makes his debut in the Copa do Brasil, on Wednesday, against Ferroviria, at 21 :30 in Araraquara. In the state championship, they face Flamengo, on Sunday, 6, at 4 p.m., at a venue yet to be determined by the federation.

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The classic debate began in midfield as both teams looked to attack. Fluminense tried to take advantage of aerial play, but Anderson Conceicao eliminated the danger. Vasco, in turn, tried to exchange passes from inside, but he could not continue playing, and the opponent participated in him at the beginning of the match.

At 5 minutes ‘Lei do ex’ gave an air of beauty to Nilton Santos, when German Kano started the play and was greeted at the entrance to the precinct. Maltina’s cross defense did not interrupt the tricolor plot, and the Argentine hit a corner kick by Thiago Rodriguez to open the scoring.

Tri-color packaging
With increased ball size and ball possession, Fluminense took advantage of the opponent’s slow recovery and dominated the game in the first twenty minutes. After opening the scoring, Kanu received a free kick up front and played with John Arias to extend the score. However, the assistant flagged offside and disallowed the goal.

On the left, the home team made a plot involved, and with ease, Pineida entered the area and threw twice, but upon completion was stopped by Ulisses. The tricolor continued to explore the spaces left by the right side of the Basque defense. Gansu starts the play and plays with Pineda who finds Kano in the area. The Argentine finished a corner kick and sent it.

goose inspired
Fluminense controlled the entire match, and Vasco did not see the color of the ball. Martinelli made a great move on the left and rolled for Nonato to move away from the corner, but was stopped by the superb defense of Rami Maltino’s cross.

Shirt 38 built another good move and played with Kano to straighten the top and Thiago Rodrigues in the palm. In the sequence, Paulo Henrique Ganso took the corner kick, gave Nonato a touch at the back of the net, and extended to the triple. In the end, at Vasco’s best chance, Nene hit a free kick and Marcos Felipe parried it in a superb way and ran wide of his line.

I tried from afar
When the second half came back, Vasco looked for a game to try the opponent from first. At an advantage, Fluminense slowed and attempted counterattacks to secure victory. On the right, Weverton arrived dangerously and risked from afar, but Marcos Felipe hit the ball and repelled the danger.

Maltin across the wall

In another arrival by Gigante da Colina, the ball fell into the opponent’s area and Getúlio headed towards the goal, but was saved by Marcos Felipe. Soon, Tricolor makes a good left move, and Yago Felipe finds William facing the goal. Thiago Rodriguez made a superb save to avoid a more fluid score.

data sheet
Fluminance 2 x 0 Vasco

date/time: 02/26/2022 at 17:00
place: Nilton Santos Stadium, Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Rule: Bruno Arlio de Araujo
Auxiliaries: Thiago Henrique Neto Correia Farinha and Daniel de Espirito Santo Barro
Video Assistant Referee: Carlos Eduardo Nunes Braga
Pay audience: 10661
current audience: 10854
yellow cards: Bruno Nazario, Matthews Barbosa and Andre Santos (VAS)
red cards

Objectives: German Kano (5ft / 1t) (1-0) / Nunato (37min / 1t) (2-0)

Fluminense (Coach: Abel Braga)
Marcos Philip; Samuel Xavier, Manuel, Lucas Claro, Pineda; Wellington (Luis Henrique 19ft/2t), Martinelli (Iago Filipe 29ft/2t), Nonato and Paolo Henrique Ganso (Andre 19min/2t); John Arias (Matthews Martins 29 ft/2 t) and German Cano (Willian 25 ft/2 t)

Vasco (Coach: Ze Ricardo)
Thiago Rodriguez, Weaverton, Ulysses, Anderson Conceicao and Edemar; Mateus Barbosa (Gabriel 14ft/2t) and Juninho (Luis Henrique 28min/2t); Gabriel Beck (Getúlio 28’/2T), Nene (Andrey Santos 35’/2T), Bruno Nazário (Jhon Sánchez 14’/2T); Raniel.