February 1, 2023

“do not kiss me …” ; Boninho blocks the global author upon receiving an application to join the BBB


Walcyr Carrasco revealed through his Instagram account that he would like to participate in the reality show

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Image 1: Clone/Ghsow – Image 2: Clone/Gshow

Every fan’s dream reality He is participating in one. However, there are countless celebrities who have already achieved this dream and have actually tried to make it happen. Such is the case of the writer and Sir Carrasco, when he revealed that Boninho had banned him from participating in the BBB.

In a video posted on social networks, the author said he would like to live this moment and said he had asked Boninho to let him take part in some editions. However, the program director eventually refused the request.

“Guys, there’s a crowd that wants to know if I’m going to do Big Brother. I’d like to, but Boninho already said he’s not accepting me because he said I’d be kicked out in the first week.”the author joked when revealing that Boninho was going to say he wouldn’t stay in jail for three months and fight for a million and a half.

In his commentary, he says he’s about to go back to prime time on Rio Station, even though he’s out of the BBB. But I have a TV series and that’s life! I’m definitely going to be boring on the BBB! ​​MustafaHosny, Amenhe wrote.

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