March 26, 2023

“Do not let her wait for him so that he does not …”; The team pronounces


The activist’s speech was very bad and caused her to receive many criticisms

Images: Reproduction / Redi Globo

Domitilla Barros Take advantage of Friday afternoon (3) to comment on what he thinks about some colleagues from BBB 23. While doing the Xepa market, Miss Germany complained about Larisa And expose his speech in case the teacher goes to breakwater.

The model said so Larisa She has to be “single,” and therefore, if she has a backlash, a brunette will be her target. to blackAnd Domitilla Reveal what he will say in his speech against the teacher. “Pagodeiros, Funkeiros, athletes, soccer players If you’ve always dreamed of the chance to see Lari alone out there, now’s your chance, vote, don’t let it wait for him”He said.

Photo: Reproduction/Rede Globo

Faced with the repercussions, A.J Larisa Comment on the matter: “We say once again that Larisa does not intend to leave the program” to live life “just like that. As it was said in this unfortunate speech.”

On the Internet, many people have complained about a situation Domitilla About Larisa. There is the masculinity embedded in a person’s speech as ‘politicized’ like criticizing her, how funny,” the netizen said.How unnecessary. Again Larisa is disrespected, undervalued, treated like a commodity. Even sadder: This comes from another woman who claims to be an advocate for feminist causes.”said another. “Unfortunate. I could say a thousand things in anger but I’ll pick it up again. Mercy. Contradiction. Hypocrisy.”III wrote.