May 28, 2023

Do plants die from old age?

Everyone who loves plants has already bought that beautiful vase that kept their leaves bright and vibrant for a long time. However, even with proper plant care, they will often begin to show blotches or wilt without an apparent problem. Faced with this scenario, many people wonder if plants can die from old age.

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Of course, like humans, plants also suffer the effects of time, even when they are well cared for. However, the difference is that to reach old age, they need more time.

the plants

In practice, plants can actually die from old age. Therefore, they will undergo major biological changes, just like us. Therefore, they also become more susceptible to developing diseases that can lead to death.

However, it should be noted that depending on the species or species, a plant can live for decades – even centuries. This is the case with trees, for example. Thus, it is possible to say that under ideal conditions, plants present indeterminate growth.

the elderly

Even if they have a long lifespan, even the most well-maintained plants will show signs of time. In practice, this happens because the cells do not regenerate as well as before, making it difficult to absorb water. Such a procedure can generate wilted, faded leaves and even plant death.

However, there is no point in blaming age when it leaves your young plant. This is because death from senescence-related causes in plants is a very difficult stage to reach. Therefore, in most cases, they die due to improper care, pests or diseases.

good habits

One of the most important measures when caring for plants and prolonging their life is to replant them in larger pots, because they do not stop growing. Another factor to note is the temperature of the planting site, as well as to avoid excessive watering or the action of insects that could ruin it.