March 23, 2023
Do we have the power to make the planet more sustainable?

Do we have the power to make the planet more sustainable?

November brought news of humanity’s most pressing topic: planetary sustainability. All this thanks to three international events that mobilized hundreds of thousands of people.

The first of these is the United Nations Climate Conference, known as COP27, which is taking place in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt – I talked more about that over here🇧🇷 The COPs are held annually and are the largest and most important climate-related event in the entire world.

This is the main forum for observing the Paris Agreement – signed by 197 countries – and also for agreeing on measures to implement this important document aimed at preventing a climate catastrophe that seems imminent.

To hold COP27 in a country on the African continent, where the effects of climate change will be most profound, is entirely symbolic.

Highly sensitive and controversial issues should be discussed with the seriousness with which they are concerned. These include the need for damage financing and the overall goal of adaptation.

In addition, it was necessary to launch V20: the group of twenty countries most vulnerable to climate change. There is no doubt: climate justice should be the main theme of the entire event.

The second is WebSummit, the world’s largest innovation and technology event, which, between November 2 and 4, brought together more than 70,000 people in Lisbon, Portugal.

I had the opportunity to follow the program of the conference and was amazed at the progress made in the innovation and technology agenda, especially the leadership of the 2,600 startups from different countries that presented at the event.

But in fact, what was really surprising was the recognition that the issue of sustainability was present in an unprecedented way at the event, as hundreds of experts and dozens of panels discussed the role of technology and innovation in saving the world from climate catastrophe.

And finally, the GovTech Summit, held in The Hague, Netherlands, brought together experts, CEOs, and enthusiasts for the government’s technology agenda, namely collaboration between startups and the public sector, particularly in developing solutions for sustainability.

This year’s meeting was even more special because BrazilLAB awarded with “The GovTech Awards 2022”In the “Excellence in Supporting Innovation” category, which included 64 entries from 17 different countries.

Three main events, thousands of people gathered to discuss ways to save humanity from the climate emergency.

I have many reasons to celebrate the role of innovation and technology in this debate. Recognizing that digital solutions are the main lever that can save us from disaster is absolutely gratifying.

However, as a pragmatic optimist, I maintain that it is too late for us to let go of promises and move on to the effective implementation of changes.

We are aware of the problem, we have all the resources to address it and time is running out. May we be alert to this emergency and know how to demand effective action from our leaders.