March 26, 2023

do you agree? 4 must-have 3D games on Nintendo Switch

With the progression of the game library and updates, more and more Switch has new game titles available to users.

However, some games The 3DS with a huge impact among gamers is not yet on the list provided by Nintendo.

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Check out some of them below:

What are the games?

1- Dementia

Game survived horror It is a 2D 3D game inspired by another game, the famous “Silent Hill”. It would be a good option to make up for the lack of games of this type in the Switch’s library, as it has the right atmosphere and looks on smaller screens.

2. “Rhythm of the Sky”

The Japanese rhythm game is available on various Nintendo platforms, however, it is not fully available yet Online switch. In Brazil, only the beats of “GROOVE COASTER WAI WAI PARTY!!!!” and “The Ultimate Bar Line of Rhythm”.

3. “Metal Gear Solid”

“lime solid metal” It is a kind of game stealthily A style that is still not very common in the world games. In this way, this will be an option to fetch games Incognito converts.

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You don’t know the games stealthily or incognito? See definition:

“An electronic stealth game, also known by its English term stealth, is a type of electronic game in which the player must avoid being noticed, and make use of stealth to evade or create an ambush for opponents.” (wikipedia)

For now, some neat games stealthily Available on S.charming They are “Hitman III” and “Aragami”.

4- Shin Megami Tensei: Demon Survivor

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Although it’s already available on Nintendo 3DS, “Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor” has yet to be released. converts missing between games JRPG-style.

Among the games available are “Live A Live”, “Persona 5 Royal”, “Dungeon Encounters”, and “STAR OCEAN First Departure R”.

Are these games coming to Switch?

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The releases of the games mentioned in Sw.Itch. However, it is likely that trends are in games It follows, with the more popular games joining the library and lesser-known genres being left aside.