June 4, 2023

Do you hate listening to audios? See what you do

Find out a way to stop listening to the audio from the social network

WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the most used social networks in Brazil for messaging. The application is, in fact, a cross-platform that allows the exchange of instant messages, voice calls, and the sharing of photos, videos, and audios, especially for smartphones.

However, receiving votes has always been something that divided opinions among users of the social network. There are those who like the lightness of condensing long conversations into simple voice messages, while there are others who refuse to send or even listen to this type of content on WhatsApp.

Especially for audiences who don’t like listening to phonics, there is a tool that makes this activity easier. A chatbot called Vira Texto was built to transcribe audio messages sent by WhatsApp, especially longer ones that look like podcasts.

Using the chatbot is very simple and fast and it is not necessary to download heavy apps or access websites. Faced with the high demand for this tool, we decided to show you step by step with many details that will make your life easier. It should be noted that Vira Texto is becoming increasingly popular among users.

WhatsApp is alerting all users (Photo Reproduction/TechCelular)
Find out a way to stop listening to WhatsApp audios (Photo: Reproduction / Tech Celular)

Learn how to use a chatbot on WhatsApp?

  1. Save the chatbot’s number in your phonebook. The contact to be saved is as follows (00) 00000-0000;
  2. Enter WhatsApp and start a conversation with the saved number i.e. the bot phone;
  3. Just say “Hi” or use another type of interaction to start the conversation with “Vira Texto”. After the first connection, the tool will ask you to accept the terms and conditions of use. After agreeing to the rules, you can start using them for copying;
  4. After these steps, now you just need to send the audio that you want to convert to the bot. Automatically, the message will convert to text for you to read.
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