March 29, 2023

Do you know Google’s intelligent chatbot?

By making a competitive bid in the artificial intelligence market, Google has launched a version Chatbot, a smart service powered by LaMDA. The system aims to compete with ChatGPT, a platform developed by OpenAI. Keep reading to learn more about this innovation.

Learn more about Bard

In general, Bard and ChatGPT are two systems that aim to answer questions on a wide variety of topics.

Bard is a chatbot that can communicate in many different languages ​​and its publication has already caused some confusion since its Chief Operating Officer, Jack Krawczyk, pointed out that Bard is not an extension of a search engine, but a language model.

This was in line with the understanding of the employees who would have understood that AI would really focus on the knowledge function.

According to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, the name Bard refers to a group of people who transmitted oral messages in ancient Europe.

Get to know lambda

Bard was developed by Paradigm Language for Dialog Applications, also known by its acronym “LaMDA”.

LaMDA is an artificial intelligence model developed by Google that is able to simulate real conversations with its users.

Some time ago, the LaMDA system gained notoriety after one of the engineers responsible for the technology claimed that AI was able to process emotions through its own awareness.

Google has also stated that despite LaMDA’s impressive performance, Bard is just an intelligent system capable of processing various information, with the goal of achieving high levels of quality and security for all users.

Despite the major implications for the multinational’s new system, Google has yet to reveal the criteria for the acquisition of Bard.

Therefore, any doubts about this new product will not become clear until after the conference held in Paris on February 8th.

Overall, Bard will be one of the most anticipated products of 2023, especially for tech enthusiasts, who are increasingly looking to expand access to AI systems.

f there? How are your expectations for the latest version of Google?