December 9, 2022
Você sabe o que são LIGAÇÕES ABUSIVAS? Multa pode chegar a R$50 MIL!

Do you know what abusive links are? Fine can reach R $ 50 thousand!

Who hasn’t been bothered by multiple calls to the company on the same day? This problem is already known and bothers everyone with a phone number. However, this practice may be about to end.

Now, companies are prohibited from harassing their customers with multiple contacts in a row. With Grandma, it is possible that most of these calls will end, because if they continue, they could end up in fines.

New rules for abusive calls – photo: Disclosure

The end of abusive communication

Last Wednesday, the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) published a new article in the Official Gazette. A precautionary measure has been put in place in order to contain abusive telemarketing. Therefore, there will be a penalty for companies that do not comply with the rules. The fine can be up to R$50 million.

These actions seek to block short calls, that is, those of less than three seconds. However, its repetition ends up annoying consumers. This practice mainly occurs when a company uses bots to make calls. This process is done to verify that the number is actually in use. After this verification, an attendant makes the actual call.


Now, with this decision, the company has decided to extend the ban for these calls, and this action is considered offensive when the company makes more than 100,000 calls via the access code in one day. Thus, those who make at least 100,000 calls are also taken into account, calculating the total reach in one day and from this amount it is 85% of short calls.

Therefore, companies that end up disobeying this new rule can receive a hefty fine. Amounts may reach the R$50 million mark. About 26 telecom service providers will adopt the new measures to try to block this service.

According to the company, the novelty will likely arrive in about 15 days, with effect coming into effect on November 3.

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Other initiatives

This is not the only measure the company has taken to reduce the conflict that exists between users and telemarketers. One of the entities that represents a large part of the sector, Sintelmar, has launched a new campaign called Comunicação + Assertiva.

This novelty aims to educate workers so that communication takes place in a more objective, disciplined and respectful manner. Thus, a more convenient connection between customers and consumers as a product.

The entity also recommends that all companies use the Probare Code of Ethics. Defines various self-adjusting parameters in the industry. Thus, in addition to the code to follow, there are also certificates that the company can obtain. Thus, the institution receives the seal of the standard of managerial and ethical maturity.

For this, it is enough to automatically adhere to all the points specified in the specified regulation and submit a verification audit.

The managing director of the entity states that the campaign aims to improve and improve communication between the company and the end consumer. He also comments that this work is very sensitive because they work with people and their sensibilities and idiosyncrasies.

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