March 25, 2023

Do you own it?

You know what that is Narcissistic personality disorder? Have you identified anyone who might have it? Before analyzing it, it is worth considering that it is a complex psychological condition that can cause troubled relationships.

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The disorder causes a pattern of grandiosity in the person, meaning feeling superior or better than others. It is also characterized by the need for attention and flattery. Another sign is a decrease or deficiency sympathy.

According to psychiatrist and president of the Brazilian Psychiatric Association (ABP), Antonio Giraldo da Silva, “It is not known what causes narcissistic personality disorder. It is the result of a combination of genetic and environmental factors that shape the characteristics of the individual until adulthood.”

Some signs that a person may have the disorder:

1. Pay attention to your own needs

Usually the individual turns his attention to certain needs and desires. This affects relationships with close people, including parents.

2. Overconfidence

A person believes that he is superior to others, placing more emphasis on his own achievements. Generally, they are trapped in this idealism and the fear of failure becomes suffering.

3. Lack of maturity and respect for others

They usually adopt an abusive attitude in their relationships and tend to avoid guilt, which is often a result of insecurity and fear of rejection.

4. Difficulty establishing dialogue

When confronted, they have difficulties establishing dialogues. In some cases, they act ambitiously, selfishly, competitively, and spitefully. Such behaviors often lead to isolation from people.

It is worth emphasizing that the presence of one or more characteristics is not sufficient to define a particular individual as having the disorder. When it comes to a diagnosis, the right thing to do is to follow up with a specialist, preferably a professional psychiatrist.