June 4, 2023

Do you see a Velociraptor hidden in the picture?

There are many people who seek Visual tests, or optical illusion, in an effort to become increasingly expert at these challenges. This is because this type of activity has a very interesting imprint, as it can train your brain and activate skills that you have not yet trained.

Therefore, in today’s visual test, we have to look for something very simple, but this can scare many people away. The challenge is to find the Velociraptor hidden in the picture. Do you think you can?

This time, you don’t need the time, so you have all the time in the world to hunt down the animal. Let’s Begin?

Find a Velociraptor hidden in the jungle

Photo: Best Quiz (YouTube)

Surely, this game will be more fun now. This is because the tag started. Where’s Velociraptor? Take a close look at the photo and don’t miss a single detail.

As you can see, it’s completely hidden. But for you as an excellent observer, this challenge will be easy, right? Keep searching and don’t give up!

Oops, would you consider putting this research aside? You are so close, don’t stop now. Search a little more and you will be able to find it.

Give up? Well, we realize that you were an amazing player. However, in order not to die of curiosity, we will show you where the Velociraptor is hidden.


Visual test result: Where is the Velociraptor located?
Photo: Best Quiz (YouTube)

Oh, look at him over there! Well hidden among the trees! I’m sure he did it to fool you on that visual test, but that’s okay, because he was found.

As the image shows, the Velociraptor is in the right corner of the image, in the middle of the trees. Just looking carefully to be able to see the animal there, right?

I have to say: If you caught a glimpse and found it the first time, congratulations. Find it quickly like this is a little. Now, if you can’t find it and give up halfway through, relax. Here on the site you will find a wide variety of tests similar to this one, which can help you train your eyes further.