July 22, 2024

Do you use ChatGTP? to caution! The company says it can reveal your data

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Do you use ChatGTP?  to caution!  The company says it can reveal your data
Do you use ChatGTP?  to caution!  The company says it can reveal your data

After ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence (AI) from OpenAI company was introduced to the market, it became an industry phenomenon. No wonder many companies use the tool in their services, in order to improve user experience with all the amazing features of the resource.

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But a report compiled and released by an Israel-based online company, Team8, issues an important warning: companies that use generative AI tools, such as ChatGPT, could be putting their users at risk. secret information of clients, plus some trade secrets.

ChatGTP: Can sensitive data be at risk?

The document notes that widespread adoption is currently taking place among organizations Chatbots that generate content at script command, can leave certain information vulnerable and as a target for data leakage.

The concern is mainly due to possibility hackers Access to company secrets to take action against companies. In addition, the report also notes concerns about confidential data being handed over to Chat botwhich can be used by AI companies in the future.

The race for technology dominance is fierce. The region’s giants, Microsoft and Alphabet, are racing against the clock to add facilities Chatbots In their solutions, especially in search engines. All this is done through a series of model courses, with information taken from the Internet.

The Team8 document notes that if sensitive data is used in the testing phases, the bot can provide responses with confidential information that no longer exists on the World Wide Web.

Another problem that can cause problems is mainly related to users. The report shows that Microsoft, for example, has integrated the tool with Bing, as well as Microsoft 365 products that need a login to access. If there is any invasion, that is cyber criminals The customer’s identity, with email access, can be used to apply strikes.

Not to mention, companies can also run into copyright issues if something gets leaked. Alert organizations to take security measures to prevent attacks. According to Team 8, the upcoming AI training should also be done more carefully.

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