February 8, 2023

Do you want to earn up to R$1,500 with Nubank? Learn how to do it now!

the nubank It entered into a new partnership to offer benefits to customers who use its services. Now, purchases made on the Shopee platform are generated Cashback up to R$1,500 To spend however you like. Learn all about this news.

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When making purchases on the e-commerce giant’s website or app, the customer gets a refund of part of the amount spent directly into their account. To do this, you just need to complete the transaction through the partnership site.

Promotion rules

Consumer who already has a digital account nubank Simply activate the promotion in the app and make any purchase to receive cashback. The refund does not include shipping, only the product cost.

The offer is valid for all purchases, but the limit is up to R$50 cashback per transaction. It is allowed to make as many transactions as you want, but it is also necessary to wait at least one hour between one purchase and another to take advantage of the promotion.

As for the percentage returned, it all depends on the offer available at the time, but it is worth noting that the bank has already offered a return of up to 10% on other occasions. Funds are deposited into the digital account within 90 days of confirmation.

Step by Step

The most important thing is to activate the promotion before making the transaction, otherwise it will not result in a cashback. Check out the instructions to redeem up to R$1,500:

  • access to the Nubank app (available Android and iOS);
  • Enter the “Shopping” menu (small bag icon);
  • Click on the “Shopee” option;
  • Check the information and click on “Activate cashback and go to the store”;
  • You will be redirected to the Shoppe website or app;
  • Shop and enjoy!

the nubank Notifies the user within 72 years to confirm that all is well with the purchase and refund. If payment is made via bank slip, the notification usually takes a little longer than when using a credit or debit card.