February 1, 2023

Do you want to increase your Nubank Card limit? See how easy it is to make it

Credit card nubank It has been a favorite of Brazilians for quite some time due to its facilities and advantages. The problem is that many people complain that they can’t higher limits To be able to collect all your expenses in roxinho.

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If you are on a mission to increase your digital bank card limit then check out some tips that can help you.

How does the limit increase work?

First of all, you need to understand how the bank determines whether or not to give more credit to the customer. When submitting the application, the institution performs an analysis of the consumer’s financial history to check whether he is a good payer or not, that is, if his invoices are up to date, if he has Balance level high, among others.

Based on this information and also on the income declared by the applicant, Nubank determines the amount of the limit it will release. After all, the last thing he wants is to take default from someone who can’t handle his responsibilities.

Tips for increasing the limit

Knowing how the process works, it is easier to adopt effective strategies and achieve the goal of getting a higher limit card. Check out some tips:

1. Take care of your financial health

If you are with Dirty nameFind the creditor company to renegotiate the debt and remove your CPF from the credit protection lists. This increases your chances of getting not only cards, but also loans and financing.

2. Payment on time

Avoid paying bills late or minimum amount and never fail to settle a bill by the due date. If possible, pay the premiums up front.

Choose carefully

When choosing an invoice due date, keep in mind the day you receive your paycheck.

Update your information

Nubank will not extend more credit without knowing that you can increase your expenses. Therefore, it is important to keep the income updated in the app whenever there is any change.

Maintain a positive relationship

The final tip is to build a closer and more positive relationship with the digital bank. For this, in addition to paying bills on time, the strategy is to lease other products and services, such as investments and insurance.