September 25, 2023
Doctor arrested for not prioritizing ventilator authorization: 'humiliating'

Doctor arrested for not prioritizing ventilator authorization: ‘humiliating’

Goiania – The doctor was arrested on Thursday (1/27) in Cavalcante (GO)in the area Fedros plateauif Refuse to give priority to delegate From the city, who had Covid-19, she breathed after her release. “It was humiliating,” he says.

In an interview with st 1Fábio Marlon Martins França said he was so embarrassed that he had even considered leaving the municipality. It was the support he received from the locals that made him change his mind.

I don’t think anyone in my situation would accept being arrested illegally. It was excessive, it was abuse, it was insulting,” the doctor said.

Fabio says he was arrested in the late afternoon of 1/27 by delegate Alex Rodrigues, who wanted to attend with priority after Positive COVID-19 test result. The doctor refused to pass it on to other patients, saying he would follow the waiting list, depending on the severity of the cases. However, the refusal was enough to spark debate.

The reason for the alleged arrest

The delegate later returned to the health center accompanied by clients and gave the doctor a voice of arrest. The civil police of Goiás claimed, in a statement, that the professional had been arrested for illegal practice of medicine, contempt and bodily harm.

In the arrest report in this act, Alex Rodriguez revealed that Fábio does not have a professional registration with the Regional Council of Medicine of Goiás (Cremego) and that, therefore, he cannot perform the activity.

However, the doctor is registered and works through the federal government’s Mais Médicos program, which opens a loophole and authorizes consultations in this type of situation, as long as it is performed in health centers. In other words: the doctor was within the rule of work.

A judge is understood as an abuse of power

At the custody hearing held the day after the arrest, Judge Fernando Oliveira Samuel released the doctor and further stated that nothing could justify his coercive behavior while in public. “It seems, [o delegado] He may have already misused his public functions,” the judge wrote in the decision.

Fábio has been working for five years at the Cavalcante Health Centre. “Everyone has to be the same. Not that a person is in a better position is that he will skip the people out there looking for help, waiting for their turn. I will never accept this. If that is the price of my meeting, arrest me again.”