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Doctor explains why we feel pain after exercise – 09/01/2022

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Doctor explains why we feel pain after exercise - 09/01/2022
Doctor explains why we feel pain after exercise - 09/01/2022

Most likely you have already experienced pain after working out in the gym or playing some sports, but have you ever wondered why you feel this pain? William dildo, The sports doctor and Palmeiras Club explained the reason during his participation in the fifth episode of the second season of VivaBem . connection, one of the attractions that is part of the program UOL in summer.

According to Dielda, this is due to something she technically calls DOMS, which is short for Delayed Onset Muscle Pain. “When we’re doing an effort, it’s more intense than we’re used to, especially people who are just starting out, in a way, the exercise causes micro-muscular tears. These micro-tears lead to inflammation and this delays muscle pain.”

Also, according to the doctor, this pain will peak after 24 to 48 hours of exercise. “It’s a natural thing, and it’s part of an individual’s adaptation back to physical exercise,” he said.

This pain tends to subside and disappear after two or three days. However, if it continues for more than seven days, or if it appears during training, or if the person has a change in the color of the urine, all these are cases that need to be evaluated to understand if everything is OK or if there are some changes Dilda warned other to be addressed.

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